Your Guide To An Email Marketing That Works!

Who says that using emails is dead when it comes to marketing? Who says that tapping your target audience emails is no longer working? 

If you know people who tell you this as you run your business, let them know that they’re wrong. Emails do not work or are not efficient to your brand if not being properly used, if not being launched under a nicely planned email marketing strategy. 

Using emails is one of the best marketing channels an entrepreneur or a brand can use to build an authentic connection with people, most especially with the target audiences. It can keep your business alive and well kicking! 

When we say, email marketing, it means, it’s a form of marketing effort where your customers indicated on your email list can be aware of your new products, discounts, other services, updates, and your whole brand essence and presence (in totality!) by emails written by you or your marketing team. It is a softer sell to educate your audience about the value of your brand and keep them engaged with you. 

You should remember that email marketing is not just about you. It’s about your customer and his or her customer journey, probably with you. If you keep this not only inside your mind but also inside your hearts, you’ll find that your subscribers will not only open and rate your emails but also look forward to hearing from you or reading another email from you again. 

So today, as obvious as it seems, let’s tackle email marketing--how it should be used properly and how to devise one that works! 

When Should Your Business/Brand Use Email Marketing

You can use email marketing in a variety of ways, as long as they suit the overall marketing strategy of your brand at play. But commonly most brands and entrepreneurs use this marketing tactic to: 

  • Build new relationships and strengthen connections through personal engagement with target audiences. 

  • Boost brand awareness. Keep your company and the services you offer always top of the minds of your customers or clients. You can also do this for those who are still prospective customers but are already on your mailing list. This can lead you to new conversions. 

  • Promotion--of course bring to the world the news about your new products or services. 

  • Promote your content. Use email to share your blogs with your customers or prospective customers. 

  • Generate more leads. You can entice more subscribers to provide their personal information in exchange for something valuable that your company or brand can provide. 

What are the Benefits Your Business Can Get From Email Marketing

The following statements might entice you to nail your email marketing campaigns or inspire you to start one--an efficient one: 

  • Emails generate on an average of 38 dollars for every dollar spent on it -- more return of investments, is it?

  • Two-thirds of every customer segment purchased as a direct result of an email marketing message. 

  • Emails are forty times more effective in customer acquisition compared to Facebook and Twitter combined. 

  • 86% of professional individuals prefer emails as their communication channel

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy that Works

Now, I’ve given you all the meaning and benefits that you can get from email marketing, the next concern is: how to start one? 

Let’s get on with that, shall we? 

  • Define your audience. 

Before doing anything, you should have a clear viewpoint on who your target audience is first. What do they like? What are they like? What are their demographics? You can’t mount anything, any strategies at all, without knowing who your target audience is. Nothing will work if your audience is wrong. 

  • Establish achievable goals. 

Gather solid context. Research about emails and target audiences. Research about how you will connect with your target audience. Then set goals in which you can measure the effectiveness of your email marketing. 

  • Be creative in making people sign up for your mailing list. 

Of course, for you to have some emails to send, you should have people to send them to. When you say a mailing list, it means, they’re a group of users who allow you to send them content through emails. So be creative in building up your mailing list. 

  • Choose a Campaign type. 

There is quite a number on how to mount an email campaign. But always make sure that the campaign type you’ll be choosing is right for your goals and your set target audience. Or else, you’ll be hitting the wind--hitting at nothing if you don’t ensure this. 

  • Make a desirable schedule for you to send out your emails. 

Make sure your schedule won’t burn out the users on your mailing list. Schedule your emails in the most ideal time for them, the time they’re likely to open emails, the time they’re likely to purchase your products. 

  • Measure your results. 

For you to know if your emails and your email marketing campaign are working, measure them side by side with the goals you’ve determined beforehand. Did you achieve your goals? 

Measuring your results can make your marketing campaigns improve. What did you do wrong, amend it? What did you right, furnish and improve it. This is for you to be stronger as a brand and generate more leads and sales. 

Type of Email Marketing Campaigns

There are many types of email marketing campaigns in the world and you can even create one of your own, as long as they serve your purpose and answer your goals. 

But for today, let me give three common types: 

  • Seasonal marketing emails

These are the emails that ride along with seasonal holidays or projects that your brand supports or is involved in. These types of campaigns can build up an event or celebration before it happens. 

With this, you have several opportunities to send out a lot of emails to users on your mailing list. 

Some of the things you should consider when starting a season marketing email campaigns: 

  • Know the holidays in your locality or your country. 

  • Start early for you to entice more customers or clients. 

  • Make sure the colors in your emails correspond with the holiday. 

  • Mount exclusive discounts in line with the holiday celebration. 

  • And don’t forget to use urgency in your emails to draw out attention. 

  • Triggered Email Series

This is commonly used with the help of automated email marketing tools. And this is used on those, for example, users who’ve left some items in their check out. You may push them to purchase those items or do necessary actions on them. 

There are four types of triggered emails: 

  • Campaign activity - emails sent to someone who opened any link in your campaign actions online and thus earned themselves a slot in your mailing list. 

  • List Management - these are users who manually list themselves in your mailing list. They signed up on their own. 

  • Workflow activity - these are emails sent to users who have received one of your preceding emails. 

  • eCommerce - triggers the users to purchase another product after purchasing one already or continue purchasing the items already in their checkouts. 

  • The Newsletter


Of course, this is the old and tested form of an email marketing campaign that most businesses and brands have embraced. They are not sales pieces but rather emails that update them about your brand, educate them about your services, and even just entertain them.

Email Marketing Relies on … 

At the end of it all, good email marketing relies on good execution. They work if allocated with enough attention and have undergone proper processes. They’re tedious to plan and to make. But everything in the marketing world is always tedious. If they aren’t, then they won’t drive many results. 

They will fail. 

But there’s one thing for you to do so that you won’t fail in the marketing world, that’s choosing me as your mentor in running your e-Commerce business. 

In this world we should work together, so don’t hesitate to contact me. And I assure you, I can give you more than this guide for our email marketing. 

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