Why Is Writing A Manifesto Valuable For Your Affirmations Booklet?

Why Is Writing A Manifesto Valuable For Your Affirmations Booklet?

Good day everyone. I do hope that you’re all doing well this fine day. Today, let us continue discussing the pages that you should include in your motivations booklet to keep you motivated. Let’s continue with the seventh page of your booklet, shall we? 

The seventh page of your affirmations booklet is your manifesto. This is literally a story, a written story, about where you want to be in 50 years. This is what you want to do or be, and this is, sort of, what you envision to be happening in your life. This manifesto can change all the time, but this is sort of a very imaginative and visual story. If you read through this page, it should be very motivating for you. 

From all the pages that were discussed so far, you can just read them in your mind. However, for certain pages, like your macro and micro goals, you should read them out loud. You should also read out the fifth page of your affirmations booklet, the one that contains your story. 

I really hope that this article is helpful and you found the importance of writing a manifesto as part of your affirmations booklet!

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I’m very happy that you took the time to read this and I hope to find you on our other topics! 

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