When To Kill Facebook Ads? Or Should You Keep Them For A Little Longer?

Individuals who are new to dropshipping or just beginning with this form of business may have the mistake of running ad sets even if they are dead or no longer profitable.

What happens if we continue to run dead products is that it increases our expenses and incurring losses in the process.

If you’re wondering when to kill Facebook ads or should you keep them for a little longer, then this content is specially made just for you.

In addition, I will also discuss how you can utilize Facebook’s automated killing process to cease ad sets that are causing you losses.

So without further delays, let’s begin…

How do you determine when to kill Facebook ads?

In general, you can already determine within 24 to 48 hours whether the product advertisements are no longer serving their purpose.

If you’ve been following my article, my overall take on this is that you may want to review your ads if it gets no sales or little engagement within the 24-hour period.

And that you will have to test new products every day to maximize your profits.

But to give you a much clearer picture, I have listed below scenarios and what are my suggestions in each of them—

Minimal engagement plus no conversion

If there are minimal engagement and no conversion at all within a day, then it is definitely a sign that the products are no longer profitable.

In this case, kill the ads as soon as possible! If you are unable to do so, then you will incur losses because the ads will continue to run.

After killing the ads, review and revise whenever necessary. You may also want to evaluate the images and text used in the product description.

Sufficient engagement but no conversion

What this means is that your Facebook ads are getting enough engagement from potential customers but isn’t translating into sales.

Is it a bad sign? Or should you discard this ad set?

Well, you can have them running for at least 12 more hours or so. If you see that the conversion rate is still very low, then you can put them down and start reviewing the elements of the ads.

You may continue running the ads if they somehow start to pick up and making sales. But be sure to closely monitor the data in the next few days to make sure that the ads are performing and you’re not losing money.

Consistent sales

You can scale up the campaign ads as soon as possible and raise the capital by $15 if you see that it is making sales consistently.


Your campaigns are on life support if it’s neither making profits nor losses.

As a result, you have to monitor these specific ads closely for any changes in the trends.

You may continue to run the ads as long as you’re not making any losses. Once it started incurring significant expenses, then you have to kill the campaign ad to prevent further losses.

Facebook Ads’ automated rules

You may not have been aware of this, but Facebook Ads have an automated rule function where you can schedule an increase in capital of an ad or kill it whenever it is no longer performing.

The purpose of automated rules is obvious, but let me explain the process a little further to give you a much perspective on this matter.

Facebook Ads has two primary stages, which include setup and management.

The setup encompasses your ad campaigns’ very foundation. It includes elements such as market research, pixels, tracking tools, and campaign creation.

On the other hand, managing your campaign ads is the most important part of the process because it involves activities after you’ve created the ads.

They are also crucial because you will need to constantly monitor your data and analyze whether you need to come up with a resolution whenever there are changes.

Failing to manage your ads effectively can be disastrous that can lead to losses.

With this being said, this is where the purpose of automated rules comes into view. Once you’ve established your personal rule, Facebook will automatically increase capital or kill an ad, depending on your configuration.

They’ll also notify you whenever the specific action was undertaken.

Although it is a convenient way to manage your ad sets, do not over-rely on them, and your intervention is still a necessity moving forward.

As you begin with this process, you have to bear three things in mind—

  • The level of the campaign ad

  • How you are planning to implement the rules

  • The specific events that would trigger when to kill Facebook ads

With these thoughts in mind, let’s begin how you can construct your personal automated rules for Facebook Ads…

How to set up Facebook’s automated rules on ads

To find the automated rules in Facebook Ads, go to the main menu and select the create and manage tab.

And then, search for the automated rules at the very bottom of the column.

As you continue, you’ll see two different tabs—rules and activity.

The rules tab lists your active and inactive automated rules. On the other hand, the activity tab shows you previous changes or activities.

And to create a new set of rules, you will just have to select the create rule button, which is colored green and located on the upper-right of your screen.

Creating automated rules is relatively easy, and it won’t take much of your time. The only take on this is that you have to be conscious of the instructions you will put in there.

For more information on Facebook Ads and other topics related to dropshipping, check out our resources here.

What if your ads are showing results?

If your campaigns are showing positive results, then there are several ways on how you can take advantage of this moment—

  • You can increase your budget if you are seeing four to five sales in only a short spur of time

  • You can expand your target market to improve your sales even further

Final thoughts

I hope today’s article has provided you the answer you seek in determining when to kill Facebook Ads. I also hope that the brief and simple instructions on how to establish your automated rules have helped you as well.

As a startup, product research and marketing your brand on social media may seem to be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be this way if you have the proper mindset and toolset as you progress.

Having knowledge is one thing, but having someone to help and guide you through the entire process is another.

I know it’s easier said than done. I have struggled in the past, and everything I know, I learned through experience.

And it is for these hardships and challenges that I was able to develop my personal strategies in dropshipping that helped me earn a 6-figure income on a consistent basis.

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Well, I believe that is just about!

Thank you for the time! And I do hope to see you on the next topics!




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