What Does A Winning Product Look Like? And How To Identify Them

In dropshipping, finding just one bestseller can make a huge difference in your business.

However, as easy as it may sound, it’s not going to be easy. And searching for your potential winning products can be challenging and may take some time. But the results are extremely rewarding if you endure the hardships and persist until the end.

Another problem here is that most dropshippers, especially startups, don’t have any clue what a winning product looks like.

They may see few successes with a specific product and immediately conclude that they are their bestsellers.

So if you’re looking for an answer—what does a winning product look like, then this content is specially written just for you!

In today’s article, I will be talking about what is a winning product—what signs or characteristics to look for in determining whether you’ve already found your bread and butter.

In addition, I will also provide you techniques on how to search for potential products that can help you boost your business progress forward.

So without any further delays, let’s get right into it…

What does a winning product look like?

A bestseller is the result of your efforts during the product testing phase.

As I emphasized earlier, your profit can significantly increase once you found your bestsellers.

In a nutshell, a winning product is something that you can sell with ease. What this means is that you no longer have to put that much effort anymore.

And once you found them, it will give you the self-confidence to move forward with the business and thrive to do better.

But before you can achieve this status, you will have to undergo hardships and conduct continuous product testing until you find the one.

Again, let me emphasize that your success in the business may depend on the product testing phase.

In the next sections, I will provide more answers to the question—what does a winning product look like? I will give you additional characteristics to help you determine whether you’ve achieved your goal. 

Let’s continue…

Key indicators of a winning product

There are several traits you have to take note of in identifying your stores’ bestselling products—


First and foremost is that your products have some sort of an element of rarity. And what I mean by this is that you can’t easily find them in any online retail stores or traditional brick-and-mortar.

This part of the product research process is the one that is most often overlooked by startups. They tend to over-rely on popular trends that are likely saturated by now and hard to sell as a result.

Of course, finding unique products isn’t easy, and it may require lots of research. But you have to take note that top-performing dropshipping stores understand this crucial point, which makes them successful.

Generates income with ease

As I said earlier, a winning product allows you to earn profits with ease. It is the part of the process where you will receive the fruits of your labor.

However, you need to take note that it’s not going to be permanent. One day, your winning product will slowly lose its star power, and you may have to conduct another product test in order to find your next bestseller.

Take a break and celebrate after every milestone, and then put in the work once again afterward.

It solves your customers’ problem

One of the driving factors to succeed in dropshipping is to find products that you believe can deliver the needs of your customers.

Here’s the thing, if your product can solve specific problems your customer have, and you have shown them why they might need it, then you could potentially increase your sales eventually.

An American entrepreneur named A.G. Gaston once said that for our businesses to flourish, we have to identify a need that people have and fill it with our products. And that successful business are founded on peoples’ needs.

I totally agree!

Look at some of the top companies today, like Amazon, Facebook, or Google. These platforms make our lives so much easier by providing us services like international deliveries, communication, and instant search, respectively.

Just imagine how our daily existence without them.


A common complaint in most dropshipping operations today is the delivery period.

Since the products are mostly coming from China, then you can expect that it will take time before the packages arrive at their respective destinations.

While this may be difficult to control, you can somehow improve the delivery period by being conscious of what you offer in your store—you have to consider the size and weight.

For example, heavy appliances or furnitures will definitely take time to deliver.

To know more about deliverability in dropshipping, then you can check out our resources here.


A basic method in product research is to look at items that are currently trending on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Yes, opting to sell such products could significantly beneficial if you indeed your bestsellers using this technique. However, as I said earlier, they could be potentially saturated as well since you are not the only one referring to trending products in the market.

Therefore, never over-rely on products that may be saturated by now. And to determine whether they’re still profitable is through product testing.

And this is the reason why I strongly recommend doing product testing every single day. It’s going to be hard, that’s a given, but it is the only you can hit your target goal.


Social media sites will play a huge role during the product research phase.

Aside from providing you the trending products of today, you will also gain insight on ad engagement from your competitors.

And you can get such information from your competitors’ ad campaigns. And you can identify which products to advertise depending on views, shares, and positive feedback from their customers.

If you’re looking for tools or applications that can help you look over the competition and what products are working for them, then you can use product research tools like Watchcount.com or Commerce Inspector.

Final thoughts

I hope today’s article provided you the answer you seek on what does a winning product look like.

Again, let me emphasized that your stores’ profitability may rely on how effective you carry out product testing. Finding even one bestseller can provide a huge difference.

Of course, the process isn’t going to be easy, and you may have to go through hardships and challenges before you find your winning products.

But once we see small successes in a single product, we might perceive it as the bestseller. As I mentioned, this isn’t quite so. And such instances may even lead us to procrastinate or lay-low and not do our best despite that we haven’t reached our goals as of yet.

Be sure to reflect on the factors I’ve listed here to ensure that you have them indeed.

You can check out our resources for information.

But if you want to know more about dropshipping in general, then my team and I would be happy to help you out. Book a FREE 45-minute mentorship with me now, and let’s begin scaling your business to the moon.

If you’re not sure about the services that I offer, then you can check my students’ testimonials and see for yourself how I helped them create their own success stories.

So yes, I believe that is just about it!

Thank you for the time!

And I do hope to see you on the next topics!




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