What Can We Learn From Elon Musk’s Hiring Process

When we hear the name of Elon Musk, we might immediately associate him as a genius, inventor, and entrepreneur.

On the other hand, some might link him with his popular companies like Tesla and Space X.

However, most of you may not be aware of his amazing ability to find the right people for his company.

As we all know, Elon Musk is known for his strong desire to succeed and ingenious ability to tackle obstacles.

And in order for him to find the best people that can help him move his company to the future, he needs individuals that have the same qualities as well.

Now, imagine if you have like-minded individuals around you—similar mindset and attitude towards a worthwhile goal. Think of the possibilities and how it can help the company become more efficient and effective.

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to know Elon Musk’s hiring process, then you have come to the right place!

For today’s article, I will be talking about how he finds the best-suited applicants and what his expectations are for his team members.

And at the end of the content, it is expected that it should help you hire the most qualified for your business also.

So without further delays, let’s get started…

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Elon Musk’s Team Expectation

Now, let’s take a look at how Elon Musk selects team members among a set of candidates—

Do More and Be Better

May it be work or not related to work, Elon Musk expects his team members to do more and become better.

He encourages individuals around him to always aim for excellence. And that our desire to excel shouldn’t stop at progressing on the corporate ladder, but we must also thrive in making ourselves better each day.

You have to understand that our performance at work would greatly improve once we develop ourselves in the process.

Leave Your Personal Affairs at Home

Another interesting fact about Elon Musk is that he never shows any financial problems or any personal stresses that he may have to his employees—work is work, so to speak.

You would see no traces of frustrations in his demeanor. When he goes to work, it is business as usual.

If you have any issues at home or other matters outside of work, don’t bring them to work and focus on whatever task is at hand.


Optimism is another trait why Elon Musk was able to withstand hardships that came his way.

Having a positive attitude towards your tasks and their eventual outcome is essential because it gives you the power to keep pressing forward no matter what situation you are in.

Keep Thriving for Success

Elon Musk always treats his company as a startup and hire young engineers.

And the reason why he does so is that they tend to be hungrier compared to seasoned professionals.

Apparently, they have a lot of things to prove, which makes them more motivated to work harder.

Aim high

Elon Musk is very vocal about his company’s aspiration and vision for the future.

His company Space X has created some of the most innovative technologies the world hasn’t seen before. And probably one of his most ambitious plans for the future is to colonize Mars.

And not only to send a few people to Mars but establish a working community that is thriving.

The way he relayed his vision is so clear that it’s almost hypnotizing.


He has a unique management style in regards to motivating his employees to work hard.

Take for example these two scenarios—

  • A boss told you to get things done by Friday at 2 PM, or

  • You need the impossible to be done this Friday at 2 PM, can you do it?

Do you see the difference?

In the first scenario, you have no choice but to comply. But in the second, he sort of gives you an option that if you answer yes, you are working hard for yourself because you made a commitment.

Work Hard

If you’ve read any of Elon Musk’s biography, you’ll find out that he is extremely diligent with his work.

Therefore, it’s rational that he also expects the same effort from his team members.

Elon Musk’s Hiring Process

Below are the considerations and hiring process SpaceX follows—

  • Academics

  • The engineers are displaying Type A personality traits (I will explain in a little while)

  • They have been in robot building competitions

  • They have a deep interest in building cars

  • Ability to work in teams

  • They’ve been building things since they were kids

As promised, a common sign that person has Type A personality traits if they display the following—

  • Competitive

  • They have the ability to multi-task

  • Doesn’t waste time

  • Ambitious

  • Goal-oriented

  • Impatient when it comes to delays

In addition, they also have to pass the following—

  • Interview

  • Write an essay about why they want to work at SpaceX

  • And they have to solve a coding problem.

Final thoughts

I hope my content has provided you sufficient information about Elon Musk’s hiring process.

If you’re an employer, you really don’t have to follow Elon’s process as is. And this is because you might have a different value than his and other factors to consider.

The primary lesson we can get from Elon Musk’s hiring process is finding the people that fit your beliefs and values.

You can use the techniques above as a reference to successfully find the right people.

Well, I guess we’ve covered sufficient ground here!

Thank you for the time and effort in reading my content! And I hope to see you next time!



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