What Are The Stages Of Your Entrepreneurial Journey (from Start To Death)

If you are an entrepreneur or planning to start your own business in the future, then having a guideline of where you are going is essential to know whether you're progressing or not.

And to answer this all-important question, I have listed the stages of your entrepreneurial journey that you have to go through before you achieve the results you desire.

Without a doubt, this is an essential topic to discuss since we may be going around in circles if we don’t have any clear roadmaps to turn to.

Anyway, without further delays, let’s begin today’s subject…

The 7 stages of Your Entrepreneurial Journey

What to DO?

Of course, the very first agenda must be to know the things you want to achieve.

Jordan B. Peterson says it best when he said that you could have whatever you want, but you must first be specific on what you want.

Having a specific set of goals dictates where we are heading, and it is also our basis for our course of action.

If you’re lost where to begin, a good place to start is by looking into your passion or hobbies.

Or, you may also have a specific skill or niche that you’re good at. You can look into them and improve them.

Thinking Big

Thinking big might mean that you will have to do something that may be completely ridiculous to the eyes of other people.

Anytime you’re faced with this dilemma, remember that an idea may only seem crazy at the beginning of its implementation, but this won’t be the case anymore once you pull it off, so to speak.

You might have heard haters going to hate.  

My point in bringing this is up that is that you can’t control how they would feel about your ideas. You just can’t!

But if you believe in your ambition and sincerely believe that it can do you good and those around you, then, by all means, pursue it!

The most important thing here is not to get distracted by negativity.

Economies of Scale

Do you want to know what all successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates have in common?  What amazed me when I’ve read through and watched their biographies is their intense sense of urgency.

And as a result, they produce results faster and outdo their competitors a little further in each passing day.

Of course, reaching the pinnacle of success isn’t a cakewalk for them, and they have experienced hardships and difficulties like any other person would.

But what makes them stand out from the rest of us is that they never gave up! They persisted and continued to work on their craft.

They continually do so until they achieved the results they’re looking for,

Remember that they’re not special types of people. They’re normal people like you and me.

And I believe that following their example and applying some of their traits to ours could somehow generate a level of satisfaction and success that we desire.

Fail with the Best

If you’re working with a team, then your group fails in whatever tasks you are engaged in, it’s okay! We sometimes fail, but what will really matter is how we cope with such mishaps.

And if you’re confident that you’re working with the best group ever assembled, then you really have nothing to worry about if I were you.

I’m sure that you can get back on your feet eventually.

But if you think you’re left with a group of people that you think is incompetent, then failure is really hard to process, isn’t it?


As an entrepreneur, you will soon have to manage your team members and staff and even may have to work with CEOs and other top executives.

As soon as your company starts to peak, you may tend to become complacent with your operation and leave the majority of the work to them.

Whenever you are feeling this way, remind yourself of Walt Disney.

Regardless of generation, we all know who this guy is, right? He is the genius behind the eternal Mickey Mouse and other popular cartoons today like Coco or Moana.

Anyway, Walt Disney never ceases to involve himself in the major activities of his operation, even at the peak of his success.

And it comes as no surprise that he is able to maintain the quality of his production all throughout the years.


Have you heard of the saying that goes experience breeds confidence?

A coin has two sides—it’s either tails or heads. The same is true in every situation we experience—it’s either good or bad.

When we are faced with a difficulty, it’s either we fold or conquer—it’s how we perceive a problem that counts.

When we are persistent and endured hardship, then such failure may even become a stepping stone.

And as a result, you become more confident and comfortable as you progress into becoming a successful entrepreneur.


This subject may be a little off-putting and induce discomfort to some, but it is the final destination we have to face after all.

Death is a natural progression of life that we have to go through.

So if this is the case, then why not prepare for the future. Preparations like life insurance or buying a plot in cemeteries.

You may not think about this last advice as of yet if you’re not comfortable with it. But you may have to start to think of them as you have your family and advance into your senior years.

Final thought

I hope my content about the 7 stages of your entrepreneurial journey has provided you enough information that can somehow help you as you progress in your career.

Again, allow me to remind you that no matter how difficult your situation may be, it is always your positive attitude that will count.

Remember that we all face hardships, but it is the people that endure and persist that ultimately succeed in life!

Well, I guess that wraps it up!

Thank you for the time!



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