Understanding Apple’s New Privacy Policy And How It Impacts Ecommerce

A hot topic in these past few months is Apples’ updated software, which is iOS 14.

And they are getting attention not only because of the new features it possesses, but rather some of the changes in its privacy policies.

And the reason why they are a big issue is that it is believed it would significantly affect small businesses, online entrepreneurs, and content creators that profits on advertising.

For today’s topic, I will attempt to shed light on this matter and help you understand more about Apple’s new privacy policy and how it could impact your dropshipping business.

So without further delays, let’s get right into it…

How Apple’s new privacy policy would impact eCommerce

Along with an update on Apple’s feature and user experience, the company also made adjustments in its privacy policy in June 2020. (1)

Since its announcement, it has made huge buzz to the online community, especially entrepreneurs and individuals relying on most of their income from advertising.

So how does it really affect you?

Well, Apple’s new privacy policy includes limiting the amount of data they share with outside parties to protect its users.

Although their intention is reasonable, it would greatly impact entrepreneurs, content creators, and small businesses that use Facebook ads and other platforms that depend on marketing through ads.

Have you wondered how free apps are earning income? In order for them to provide you free access to their contents, they allow promotional popup videos or banners to run in their applications.

Also, banners and popups are a common marketing strategy you typically see on a website.

With the restriction of activity tracker and data being shared to apps and other advertising platforms, it limits the information coming from the target market within the Apple user demographics.

As a result, it might lead them to resort to other methods, which include paid plans. And we have to remember that an individual may likely turn to free plans or applications than pay $10 or so on monthly subscriptions.

How Apple’s new privacy policy would impact Dropshipping

If you’re a dropshipper that is using Facebook Ads, then you might have been likely hit with a message that says—

With this being said—you might be asking how it would impact your operation on Facebook in reference to Apple’s new privacy policy.

First of all, it would primarily impact how you communicate and reach iOS 14 users. As mentioned, Apple will limit the access of businesses and developers to Apple users’ information and tracking devices.

With this new policy, it is believed to render personalized ads to become less effective in finding potential customers and reaching them.

Take note that a huge number of the population globally are iOS users, so it would definitely have an impact.

However, there is no indication from Apple that ad campaigns are banned. The key phrase here is that Apple will limit the gathering and tracking of data from iOS users.

Therefore, you can still try and reach Apple users. But as of now, we can’t truly tell for sure of its impact since it was just implemented. So let’s just see how this new policy would work out.

Final thoughts

I hope my content has enlightened you on this important issue and relieve you of any concerns that you may have.

As discussed, the policy limits the data being provided to the developers and businesses, but it isn’t completely banning any marketing methods as far as I am concerned.

Just carry on with your business, and continue reaching out to your target market.

Well, I believe that is just about it!

Thank you for the time, and see you in the next topics!



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