TikTok For Your Business: Is This Good?

As we all know and I bet a lot of people reiterate, social media sites are gaining more power day by day in our modern world when it comes to marketing a brand. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can bring your brand presence into the limelight thus gaining more followers, prospect customers, customers, and brand ambassadors. 

Nevertheless, being active on social media pays. And what’s wonderful about social media sites is, they’re free. If you set ads, well they require payments, but if you’re still starting out making a name for your brand, you can mount social media posts all for free and entice followers in an organic or traditional way.

The bottom line with what I’m saying is, social media sites are perfect when creating a buzz for your business and in making people recognize your brand. 

Now, quite recently, we’ve seen how TikTok has gained huge popularity from people from all walks of life. Yes, not just for teenagers or millennials, but also for middle-aged individuals right now. It’s really gaining more recognition from people, which can be greatly attributed to the fact that TikTok is really entertaining. 

Different business brands have also embraced TikTok and launched marketing campaigns there. So with this, as entrepreneurs, we find ourselves asking: is TikTok right for my business? Will this bring me good profits in the e-commerce world? Am I going to be one of those brands that boast of gaining marketing success because of TikTok? 

Is TikTok for me and is it good?

Let’s talk about that today, shall we? 

TikTok in a Nutshell and Its Benefits for Business

As TikTok indicated recently in their marketing efforts for businesses and entrepreneurs, TikTok for Business is not just making ads. It’s about making a connection with your target audience, making your content interesting, and making your brand trending. And what do we get when we’re trending? Of course, more clients! 

TikTok for Business is where every brand can unleash their creative and fun side, where there will be no judgments, and where there is always an audience to different brand voices. In TikTok, as they suggest, it doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small business, you can have great sales on their platform and are sure to be discovered there. 

What are the benefits of including TikTok in your brand’s marketing strategy? Let me give them to you.

1. More interactivity. 

TikTok has more interactivity with audiences compared to other social media platforms. Being mostly videos, it has more immersive formats to authentically connect with your audience around the world. And hey, we all know that most people are really into videos. With this, your brand may not only attract the people within the scope of your target audience but also those who are outside but can be potentially good customers. Wow, wide range for sales!

2. Growing your audience, growing your visibility. 

Visibility here is your online brand presence. With the vast users of TikTok right now, you’re sure that your brand won’t just be hitting the target audience near your company but you’re also hitting the audiences in other parts of the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Australia. You can have avid customers or solid clientele in Europe or America. 

3. You can be a trend. You can be a culture. 

Yes, you’re not going to be just a good brand. But that you’re going to be the culture. And this is due to the fact that you’ve become trending. You’ve become recognized by a lot of people. You’ve been associated with a lifestyle, especially when you put your brand between trends that highly matter. Think of Gatorade. Gatorade has been part of humanity’s culture because of its association with athletes and athletic activities. You can be like Gatorade with the help of TikTok. 

4. Have more brand recalls. 

Due to the fact that the platform houses videos, brand awareness, and brand recall are stronger here, especially when you get in between popular topics and in the case of teenagers. 

Types of TikTok Videos for Your Business

So now you know the good reasons why one should invest with TikTok. The next thing that I know you’re thinking right now, what can be the best and suitable types of videos for me? For my business? 

Well, that my friends, ultimately relies on your brand voice, goals, and marketing campaigns and strategies in effect. But for today, I can give you the most common and most engaging types of TikTok to date. These are the kinds of videos that most people, TikTokers (users on TikTok), businesses, and even entrepreneurs, make.

1. Hashtag challenges

Remember the now good old Harlem Shake, Ice Bucket Challenge, and Planking? Well, TikTok hashtag challenges are no different from them. Hashtag challenges in TikTok, are a great way for both users and content creators to connect with each other and engage around the same theme. As a clever marketing scheme, brands on TikTok use this to engage more with their target audience and at the same time create a trend. 

So if you’re running a brand awareness campaign, this can be the best one to go! 

2. Trending Hashtag Videos on TikTok

This can be considered as getting along with the waves. It’s when the marketing team of a brand takes a look at some of the most popular hashtags on the platform and creates videos to go along with them. This will offer the opportunity to reach a huge audience. But mind you, this is highly competitive. 

Think of it as a keyword search. You are targeting popular and not hashtags on it. 

3. Food TikTok Videos

People always love food. And they also love watching them. TikTok is actually super stuffed with food videos. Nowadays, people have time to cook tedious recipes, especially when you present them as very easy to prepare and very very tasty looking. 

4. Dance TikTok Videos

Dance videos are giants on TikTok. This is even used for hashtag challenges. Dancing for fun and for serious reasons doesn’t matter on TikTok. Most people just want to have fun. So, if you want to have a clever marketing strategy, include dance TikTok videos into it. 

5. Lip-syncing Videos

Since we did talk about dancing, it’s impossible not to touch singing too. Well, though there are a good number of people singing on TikTok, it’s still beatable by thousands, if not millions, by Lip-syncing. It has interactivity like drama within the videos and having a duet with fellow users. 

6. Influencer Collaborations

Now, this is the best and the number 1 kind of video that brands invest in on TikTok. This is a sure way for you to create a breakthrough on the social media platform, especially when you’re absolutely a newbie on it. When you use this correctly, sure enough, you can garner a lot more followers for your brand and a lot more customers. 

So how to ensure that you’ll do this properly? Nail this one thing: make sure that your chosen TikTok influencer or influencers have a target audience the same as yours. With this, you’re sure that your products or services will be a hit. 

Tiktok for Business: Marketing Tool Made Easy

In this world where everything is almost online, it’s amazing that social media platforms such as TikTok are making their features easily adaptable to businesses’ marketing actions. This is a big nod to the fact that social media platforms really boost up sales and brand recognition. 

Do you know what’s lacking with all the advancements around? Us--using them and applying them rightfully. And in line with that, you have me to guide you in utilizing social media platforms for your ads and businesses’ actions. 

So smart moves when you’re done reading this piece: subject to a social media platform and hit me up like your mentor for your e-commerce success.



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