Product Re-test In Dropshipping: Is It Worth It? Or, Should You Move On?

I believe that the most critical part of your success in Dropshipping is Product Testing.

And once you found one to two product that sells, then the income from those product sales could help you generate approximately $30 up to $100K, given that you’re executing your store operation properly.

But there might be instances when some items in your store that previously undergone product testing and failed are making sales all of a sudden.

And as a result, you might be tempted to give them another chance and try to modify the product descriptions.

But do you really have to give them another try? Or, should you move on and test other products instead?

In this blog, we’ll attempt to answer these important questions about product re-test in dropshipping and give you a definitive solution to what action you should take.

So without any further ado, let’s begin…

Should you conduct product re-testing in dropshipping

There are various reasons why a product fails. But some of them might be caused by our poor decision-making and just our overall attitude towards the testing phase.

There are factors like being not able to follow our KPIs and standards or impatience and not giving the products a little more time to produce the results you’re after.

Failing is one thing, but giving up is another matter. Failing to meet your expectations is fine, and what will really matter in the end is your perseverance.

Anyway, it’s easy to assume that a product may be coming back to life, but re-testing may not always be the best option.

You may evaluate the situation and analyze what made the increase in sales. But normally, our recommendation of the matter is to save the money and invest your capital in other items.

Re-evaluating a products’ profitability may depend on your preference. But when considering a product re-test in dropshipping, you also need to consider the expenditures you have to make.

In addition, you may have to evaluate its profitability if you’re considering re-launching the products. And a good predictor is to check your Cost per Add to Cart.

This tool is critical because it gives you an idea of where your business stands in regards to product selection, traffic, and marketing efforts.

Also, if the profit margin is low despite the sale of supposed dead products, then it would pretty much solidify that you cease re-testing the product and put all your funding and efforts into other products.

Final thoughts

I hope our today’s content has somehow provided you a good insight into whether you should perform a product re-testing in dropshipping or is it best to move forward.

As I mentioned, re-launching a product may depend on your discretion, but I advised that you turn your attention to other products.

Well, I believe we’ve tackled sufficient grounds here!

Thank you for the time and efforts in reading our blog!

I hope to see you on the next topics!



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