Organic Social Media Growth In 7 Easy Steps

Social Media Marketing is not only about releasing content and making sure that the lights are kept on. Your organization should exceed all expectations to showcase your brand legitimately and engagingly. And keeping in mind that "engagement" is a word that is continually tossed around, many brands don't have the foggiest idea how to accomplish it organically — particularly despite the algorithm changes that influence organic reach. 


That is the reason why organic social media growth will not occur overnight. Change isn't as easy as a post becoming a web sensation — it requires some long term planning. However, when you utilize that time effectively, you can create the most steadfast consumers your B2B brand has ever seen. 


Here are seven different ways to adequately discover, engage, and develop your audience organically via social media. 


Focus Your Endeavors On The Ideal Places 


Most organizations will speculate that they need to have a presence on everything from Facebook to Pinterest but that is not the ideal situation. 


Your audience might not have a presence on each social media platform, so why squander your energy? Picking which platform to zero in on is simpler than you might suspect. 


Post Content That Gets Audiences Excited 


One of the primary rules for social media marketing — or any type of digital marketing — is to give the intended audience content that enhances their lives. This could be in the form of instructive content (like digital books, blog entries, how-to videos), engaging content (funny images or GIFs, video stories or clips, behind the scenes videos), or shareable content (emotional videos, social or community awareness, everything that could make your content viral). 


Content should be somehow effective for your target audiences to pay attention to it on social media and engage with it. This could have a positive effect that can ultimately lead to your brand’s organic growth — 71% of purchasers who have had an excellent experience with your brand on a social network are probably going to praise the brand in front of their loved ones. A "positive experience" doesn't need to be a direct interaction with a customer service rep or a 50% bargain. It can also be watching a funny video, reading an article that established a strong impression, or observing how a brand is supporting a neighborhood cause. 


Start by following client interactions on social media in the pertinent niche as well as your competitor’s social media pages. What sort of content does the intended audience get amped up for? How might it address the clients' needs? Making value-added content that separates a brand above the rest as an authority or companion is not a simple task, but it is absolutely important to get the shares and interactions that will prompt organic growth. 


Become More Acquainted With Your Audience


This is the most vital step before executing any kind of best practice or campaign in your social media strategy. Without understanding your intended audience, you will not have the foggiest idea about the channels they use, their inclinations, the sites they visit, and so on. This knowledge will open doors to the content your audience appreciates, and the messaging that will engage them into making an action. 


Start with existing information from different analytics tools. Furthermore, advanced social listening tools will pull significant analytics on social networks, the web, and its users. You can also take a gander at your rivals, research and collaborate with industry pioneers, and use hashtags to find out more about your audience. As soon as you perceive that you've captured a full comprehension of your audience, you can then make social media content that relates to them. 


Simply Ask


The most ideal approach to get exact information about your audience is to just ask them. Have a go at utilizing a survey, put it in an email, or even give a quick call to a portion of your best clients to find out how they're doing. While you're getting up to speed, ask them about the social platform they use for their small businesses and personal purposes as well. 


Utilize the Right Hashtags 


It is estimated that, currently, social media clients have uploaded 2.5 trillion posts. Social media is a universe of data overload, and the algorithmic characteristics of the different platforms make it hard for individual posts to get seen. Unless a post on social media gets popular, the metrics that can be accomplished by organic reach alone are modest in a best-case scenario. That is the place where hashtags become the most important factor. 


Hashtags have been around since 2007, and they are intended to put together social media posts into groups according to their topics. Hashtags aids brands in expanding their organic reach by permitting clients to look for and pinpoint posts that are captivating or applicable to them. When utilized effectively, hashtags can fortify brand image and support social sharing by making positive affiliations or gathering momentum around an event. For instance, Kentucky Fried Chicken got on board when the hashtag #NationalFriedChickenDay began trending, making a yearly promotional campaign around it. 


As paid social media channels have become increasingly saturated, hashtagging has turned into a more complex practice. It’s vital to pick the right hashtags that will work most adequately, and that requires research. There are different social media analytics tools — a few of which are even free — to assist marketers in doing their research. Since online media is so unique, hashtag trends should be observed and analyzed constantly so brands can keep up and stay relevant. 


Work With Influencers


Collaborating with the right business influencers for your business is one of the best approaches to organically grow a social media audience that’s committed to your brand. Why you might ask? Since it's the most noteworthy type of word-of-mouth. Your brand is presently front-and-center for the influencer’s committed, faithful, and engaged audiences to find. 


So how would you viably use influencers on social media? It very well may be as straightforward as sharing their content and tagging them on your preferred platform. Or, on the other hand, it may be more extravagant, with influencers recruited to promote your brand’s product or service, or even campaign. 


Before you begin searching for the right influencer, you should initially define the objectives and expectations for this coordinated effort. Afterward, concentrate on the three Rs of influence: resonance, relevance, and reach. 


  • Your audience should trust and regard the influencer you pick. So, they must share an innovative vision, tone, values, and content that are pertinent to your audience and your brand. 
  • You additionally need to guarantee that the reach of your influencer’s following will hold worth to your business. That doesn’t equate to the individual with the most followers; a colossal follower count is pointless if those individuals aren't keen on your business offers. 
  • Micro-influencers in niche industries have become extremely famous in the previous year, particularly in B2B, as a result of their capacity to resonate. A study discovered that Instagram influencers with less than 1,000 followers hold the best influence. This more grounded feeling of comradery is established in individuals coming together around a similar interest. 


Influencer marketing is about quality vs quantity, and when done viably, it adds a dependable and devoted group to your audience. 


Take A Look At Your Share Counts 


Assuming you have a blog, you should utilize share buttons already. A considerable amount of these tools will give you the data that shows who's sharing your organic content and all the more significantly, the location where they're sharing your content. Follow these numbers to sort out which platforms to zero in on. 


End Thoughts:


The key to organic social media reach is similar to the key to positioning admirably on search engines. Everything is about optimization, user experience, and excellent content. On the off chance that you begin pondering your social media endeavors similarly as when you contemplate your SEO work, you'll see the pieces fall into place and make your organic social media growth a reality.


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