Learn Ways To Break A Habit And Achieve Your Full Potential

Our habits define who we are. Our thought process, behavior, and interactions with other people are dictated by the habits you’ve cultivated all these years.

Ultimately, how we manage our day-to-day life is a good predictor of how our future may look like.

With this being said, your habits may spell the difference between success and failure.

Fortunately for us, our habits are very changeable!

In today’s special topic, I have listed Anthony Robins’ ways to break a habit that would help you become more productive and achieve your full potential.

So without further delays, let’s begin…

Ways to break a habit

As mentioned, the life hacks presented below are based on Anthony Robbins’ teaching on modifying a habit. This particular reference is from the 6th chapter of his book titled “Awaken the Giant Within.”

Also, the book is very extensive; thus, I have summarized them for better understanding.

Let’s continue…

Identify the Problem

First and foremost, you have to identify what you want to achieve and what’s preventing you from achieving it.

You need to be specific about what you want to attain. And the reason why we need to be specific is that it gives us a clear direction of where we want to go.

And having a sense of direction allows us to create a good course of action that we can easily refer to and help us determine whether we are progressing or not.

Create Leverage

What creating leverage means is that you associate massive pain to the bad habits and then a massive pleasure to the new habit you want to nurture.

It is suggested to make the consequences of not changing as painful as possible because it intensifies your emotions.

And from there, you need to create a positive association on events or what you could achieve once you change for the better.

Disrupt the Pattern

One way of effectively tackling a bad habit is not engaging in them.

It may sound too simplistic, but consider this for a moment—we formed habits through repetition of one specific behavior. We repeated them long enough that it became hardwired.

And the more we persistently cling to these bad habits, the more it becomes harder to eliminate.

With this being said—we can break a habit by interrupting the behavioral pattern. So how do we accomplish this?

Remember the first step? The key here is to be self-aware anytime the bad habits are starting to show up.

And then, instead of engaging in them, do the next step…

Create New Empowering Habits

This part is critical because you can’t successfully eliminate negative behavior if you don’t replace them with another habit.

And the reason behind this is that there’s a tendency that a person may go back to their old habits in events of lapses.

So how do we find a new set of habits that can empower you?

Again, let’s go back to the first life hack.

Now that you know what you want to achieve and who you want to become, you have to align the habits based on your wants.


For the last section on ways to break a habit, let me again emphasize that we create a habit through repeated behaviors.

Therefore, once we’ve determined the behavior we want to cultivate, we must repeat them until it becomes automatic.

Final thoughts

I hope my content about ways to break a habit has provided you a source of inspiration and helped you in achieving your full potential.

Changing a habit isn’t an easy feat. It doesn’t happen overnight and may take time for you to successfully eliminate bad habits.

Keep pressing forward, and focus on the end results. As hard as they may be, you will eventually become the person you imagined to be.

Well, I guess we’ve covered sufficient ground here!

Thank you for taking off and reading my content!

I hope to see you next time!



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