Is Facebook Throttling Your Ads? Here Are Possible Reasons

You’re happy with how your Facebook ad campaigns are performing, and then you wake up one day and discover that it isn’t providing the results you’ve expecting anymore.

Most of the time, the platform doesn’t provide any clear explanation why they may put your ads down. Or, you may not even be aware that such an event has transpired.

But there are certain ways you can determine whether Facebook has ceased your campaigns.

For today’s topic, I will attempt to provide you the answer—is Facebook throttling your ads? Or, is it just a need to improve the quality of campaigns?

So without any further ado, let’s get right into it…

Why may Facebook interfere with your ad campaigns?

Before I answer the question—is Facebook throttling your ads? Allow me to present briefly why the platform may do such actions.

Facebook is very strict when it comes to the security and user-experience of their account holders.

They are always on the lookout for any signs of hard-selling and aggressive marketing. You know what it is—“surefire to lose belly fats in one week.”

Or, those ad campaigns with flashy-bright red color telling you that their stocks are almost out and you need to take advantage of their discounted prices.

Although you know deep in your soul that you have followed each item in Facebook’s terms and conditions or have no intention to mislead or spam potential customers, you may just notice one day that you have high CPMs.

They may not give you prior notice and no explanations as to why they are interfering with your ads. The same is true when your account is banned, or ad campaigns are put down by Facebook.

The only clear reason as to why they may get in your way is that they have seen something inappropriate with your campaigns.

In the next chapters, I will also explain some of the possible reasons why Facebook may ban your account.

Let’s continue…

Is Facebook throttling your ads?

The most basic method to determine whether your ads are throttled by Facebook is to check the status of your CPMs. If they suddenly spike up, then the chances of Facebook interfering is very likely.

CPMs or Cost per Mille is the cost or expenses that the dropshipper has to pay for every thousand views or clicks for their ad campaigns.

And when CPMs are too high, it basically means that you’re spending too much on your ads. And if it’s low, then you’re getting your money’s worth.

Follow the steps below for you to know if your ads have high CPMs—

  • Refer to your campaigns tabs

  • Go over the specific ad you believe is throttled and click view charts

  • As you do so, click over customs

  • On the upper side of the chart, you will see a down arrow tab, and then click it

  • Change the first down arrow with the amount spent, and then change the second down arrow with reach

To give you an interpretation of what the data presented above means, then refer to the following—

  • If you see that the results are showing a high amount spent that goes along with high reach and low amount spent on low reach, then this makes sense and doesn’t imply that your Ads are being throttled.

  • However, if your spending is consistent, but you see the reach goes down significantly, then it implies that the CPM has risen, which means that Facebook has likely throttled your ad campaigns.

    Other reasons why Facebook may cease your ad campaigns

    Another reason why Facebook is throttling your ads is through the quality of your eCommerce page, the products you’re selling, and how you market them.

    As stated earlier, Facebook is taking its subscribers’ security and user experience seriously. Therefore, they are putting time and effort into regulating ad campaigns shown on their platform.

    Some of the common issues why Facebook may decide to stop your campaigns or ban your business account are due to the following—

    Spammy words

    Some of the words you have to take note of include sale, buy, like, free, share, etc.

    And the reason why these sets of words may alert Facebook is that it seems to evoke force or aggressive marketing.

    Also, they don’t appreciate spammy gestures such as words or phrases that are in all-caps with multiple exclamation marks. Such a marketing strategy is still deemed to be aggressive.

    Lastly, you also have to be careful with contents that may cause offense to the general public.

    Failed transactions

    If you have numerous failed transactions, then it may raise a red flag. It includes events such as declined payments and customer orders that didn’t push through.

    As I repeatedly emphasized, Facebook takes security and protecting its users seriously. If your business incurs failed transactions often, then it is highly possible that the social media platform will ban your Facebook Ad accounts.

    Low-quality landing page

    As stated earlier, Facebook also takes into the account user experience. Therefore, they will also check the quality of your landing page.

    A low-quality landing page has the following traits—

    • Your website has many pop-ups

    • Your page has many errors like videos not playing, poor image qualities, broken links, etc.

    • It doesn’t contain sufficient information about the owners of the website

    • Lastly, it has many advertisements that are misleading or spam

    As you see, being mindful of how you structure your website is extremely crucial if you need to effectively promote on Facebook.

    Facebook believes you’re a robot

    An unusual reason why Facebook may ban you is that they perceive you as a bot or robot.

    In the early years of the internet, bot or robots that automatically sends contents is actually okay. But a few years back, it was found to be unethical and received a lot of scrutiny over the years.

    As a result, Facebook has started to regulate business owners’ contents before they are posted on the platform.

    Forbidden products

    Another issue why they may ban your account is if you’re selling products that are illegal or potentially dangerous products.

    Some examples of these products are as follows—

    • Tobacco

    • Unregulated dietary supplements

    • Recreational drugs

    • Hacking and surveillance devices

    • Adult products

    • Counterfeit products

    • Health and Wellness products that show images of before and after

    • Weapons

    If you want to know more information about why Facebook bans your account or how you can recover them in the events that it occurred, then you can check out our resources.

    Some of the helpful topics that you may find include How to Prevent Your Facebook Ad from Getting Banned and How to Get Banned from Facebook Ads (Do not do this!).

    Final thoughts

    I hope today’s topic has made things clear to the question—is Facebook throttling your ads?

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    I believe we covered sufficient grounds here!

    I hope to see you on the next topics!



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