Inside The Mind Of Elon Musk

Aside from being among the richest guys on the planet (top 10 to be exact), Elon Musk is also dubbed to be one of the most inspirational leaders around the globe, according to CNBC.

For those following his career, this doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

His hunger for self-knowledge and creativity started at a very young age.

He developed the skills and attitude to achieve such amazing feats.

Yes, he was able to adapt such traits as a kid, but it doesn’t mean that it’s all gloom and doom for us adults or those individuals entering their senior years.

Remember that you can ALWAYS develop into the best version of yourself and achieve great things in life, regardless of age and current status.

And what way to kickstart your path to becoming the “best version of you” than with one of the most inspirational leaders in today’s generation!

So without further delays, let’s begin looking into the mind of Elon Musk and determine how it can help us achieve our personal goals in life…

What can we learn from the mind of Elon Musk?

Harness the power of enthusiasm

A distinguishable character trait of Elon Musk is his unwavering enthusiasm.

When he sets his sights on interest, he has this amazing ability to develop and maintain a high level of enthusiasm towards them.

Such tendency makes him stand out from the rest of humanity!

Creating a deep sense of enthusiasm to whatever endeavor we commit propels us significantly closer to our goals.


Another admirable character of Elon Musk that you also need to learn is perseverance.

Elon has a do or die but don’t give up mentality—his strong determination allows him to stay in the race when everybody has already quitted long after.

And an effective method in keeping you from giving up and procrastinating, in the long run, is to constantly remind yourself of your goals.

Stay in the game! It’s always too soon to give up!

Never be afraid to take risk

Allow me to quote a well-known finance quote—“the higher the risk, the higher the return.”

With this being said, Elon Musk has taken high levels of risks in his past investments. And one of which is his investment of 12 million dollar investment to, which is almost his entire earnings!

As a result of that investment, he received a total of $165 million in October of 2002 when PayPal ventured with eBay!

Remember that nothing is ever achieved in complacency!  Never be afraid to take the risk!

Be obsessed with improving lives, not earning more money

We all know that Tesla is relatively an expensive car to own.

But do you know that Elon Musk isn’t interested in making huge profits or selling them to rich people?

What he cares about is improving the quality of living of others and changing the world at the same time.

Simplify your life!

Another amazing thing about the mind of Elon Musk is his ability to make quick decisions in a short period of time.

While his employees send him a long list of emails, he would simply reply within minutes, saying “Ok.”

Never spend too much time worrying. Instead, focus on working out a solution immediately.

Contingency Plan

Yes, Elon Musk is incredibly rich, but do you know that he still has the attitude of saving money for rainy days.

In fact, he saves a lot of funds in case any unexpected events would occur.

So what does it say to us?

Some people would spend tons of money on something they don’t even need, which leads to the path of misery and worry eventually.

Taking the example of Elon enables us to become better equipped in case of emergencies.

Avoids senseless small talks

It was said that Elon has the manner of getting up from the table immediately after dinner to avoid the senseless rumble of small talks.

After he does this, he goes outside to enjoy the heavens. It’s sort of me-time if you will.

Although small talks aren’t really all-bad, spending some time in solitude is essential to enable us to catch up with our thoughts and contemplate on important things.

Maximize your time

A famous passage by Elon Musk said that life is too short for long-term grudges.

Now, why is that?

You have to realize that working as hard as possible today positions us to a better standing in regards to financial status in the future.

And most importantly, it frees us from unnecessary stress!


In this highly competitive generation, it’s not unusual that we see benchmarking from one to the other.

Elon Musk is known to take advantage of an idea from another and improve it.

Therefore, it allows him to gain a better position in the market.

Final thoughts

I hope my content about how the mind of Elon Musk works has helped you in developing yourself into a better person and in achieving your personal goals in life.

Remember that anything is possible if you work towards your goal with the right mindset and proper attitude.

Stop caring about what other people think, and start painting the bigger picture in mind.

Well, I guess that’s just about it!

Thank you for the time! And I hope to hear from you soon!



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