How To Turn Aggression Into Positive Energy And Become More Productive

Frustrations are commonplace in entrepreneurship.

You really have to manage your expectations when you enter into a business endeavor. This is because your plans may not always end up as you might have expected it.

This is why you need to always have a backup plan.

However, frustration is a negative emotion that could lead to consequences if left unmanaged. It could lead to aggression that may cause you to burst your frustrations toward your loved ones, friends, or team members.

As a result, it could damage and leave a scar in your relationship with them. I’m sure that you don’t want this to happen, right?

So if such negative emotion is a typical occurrence in our entrepreneurial journey, how do we deal with them?

Well, that’s my topic for today.

In this blog, I will be talking about how you can turn your aggression into positive energy and improve your productivity.

So without further delays, let’s get right into it…

How to Turn Aggression into Positive Energy

Frustration from Solving Problems

Infants show their discontentment or frustration by crying fiercely. By doing so, it certainly solves their problem by their parents providing them a bottle of milk or carrying them.

What this means to us adults is that frustration creates a state of urgency. And instead of throwing in a tantrum like a child, we should attempt to get what we want by solving problems.

Aggression Fuel

Aggression can produce positive outcomes by using it as a fuel to boost our motivation.

Intended Use for Aggression

Another important factor we have to bear in mind if we are to turn aggression into positive energy is the channel we’re going to use.

Aggression is a normal human reaction whenever we feel upset. However, it could lead to regrets if we are unable to channel it in the right direction.

As soon as your frustration takes its toll, harness it and direct it towards your goal instead.

Awareness of Aggression is Power

It is very important that you bring yourself to become self-aware whenever you feel like snapping at someone.

Try to detect where is the negative emotion is coming from—is it related to work? Are your workers doing their intended tasks? Or is the frustration caused by an argument you had with your spouse?

One we know the root of aggression—it gives us the power to channel them effectively.

Misdirected Aggression

Apparently, a misdirected aggression may scar your relationship with a family member or team member.

In addition, it may also cause health problems like ulcers and high blood pressure. (1) (2)

Draining Off Aggression

The most effective way we can drain off aggression is through the following activities—

  • Physical exercise

  • Long walks

  • Sports

There are many more ways how you can manage your aggression. The key here is to find activities that will engage your mind and direct your attention to somewhere else other than the thing that’s making you frustrated.

Final thoughts

I hope today’s topic has provided you insights on how to turn aggression into positive energy and helped you boost your productivity.

Managing your frustration and bringing your aggression under control may take time to master.

But what matters is that you follow-through with your goals, and in due time, you will reach your destination.

So yeah, that’s just about it!

I hope to see you next time!




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