How To Determine If A Dropshipping Product Is Already Saturated Or A Potential Bestseller

A critical part of your dropshipping process is product testing. And this is so because even one bestseller can provide a huge difference in your business.

An important factor to consider in product testing is to determine whether the specific product is still marketable or saturated?

And you need to obtain such information because your products’ chances of becoming a bestseller may rely on saturation.

For today’s topic, I will help you answer this all-important dropshipping question and identify which products have the potential of becoming a bestseller.

Or whether the dropshipping product is saturated and can no longer provide the sales boost your business needs.

So without further delays, let’s begin…

How to identify if a dropshipping product saturated

Check video searches on Facebook

Facebook Ads is probably the most utilized social media platform when it comes to dropshipping.

So by referring to the searches of Facebook alone, you will get a pretty good impression of how saturated the market for the product is.

You can achieve this by searching for the products you are advertising. And if it generated a lot of results, then it implies that the dropshipping product is saturated.

Check how many suppliers are available in AliExpress

Another method you can immediately employ is to check the volume of the items in AliExpress or any online retailer that you’re currently using.

First, you need to search for the item. As soon as the page, scroll down and see how many pages containing your products are available.

If there are more than three pages, then it’s a good indication that the items are likely old and saturated.

Check the ratio of reviews to orders

Next, you sort the result from AliExpress by most orders. And then, open the top item on the list. One way you can determine whether they’re a dropshipping transaction is by looking into the number of reviews versus sales.

If there’s a large number of sales but few reviews, then it implies that most of the transactions are from dropshippers.

And the reason for such is that there’s no possible way that a direct customer of the online retailer can review the products since it was bought on the dropshipping store.

So if the item has a large number of sales, then it definitely indicates that the item is probably saturated, and selling them would be extra challenging.

Final thoughts

Choosing the wrong products to promote might be the reason why your business is still stagnant. The right products and marketing are your best tools to boost your profits.

And one way to do so is by determining whether the dropshipping product is saturated or not. And I do hope that our today’s topic helped you in your quest to find your bestseller and prevent losing money.

So there you have it! I believe we’ve covered sufficient grounds here!

Thank you for taking time off and reading our content!

I hope to see you next time!



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