How To Bring Yourself Into Deep Focus And Boost Your Productivity Level

Having the ability to manage your thoughts and concentrate on a specific task may spell the difference between you becoming a millionaire at the age of 30 or 60.

Bringing yourself into a deep focus enables you to work more efficiently and boosts your productivity.

If you want to learn how to harness the power of deep focus, then this content is what you’re looking for.

In today’s blog, I will present hacks on how you can get your brain into deep focus and boost your productivity that can help you achieve more in life.

So without further delays, let’s begin…

How to Get Your Brain into Deep Focus and Boost Productivity

Focus = Happiness

Have you ever felt sad or just flat out depressed when you’re not doing something productive?

You’re maybe playing online games or binge-watching YouTube or Netflix. Well, you’re supposed to be happy, right? But for some reason, you don’t.

Can you relate?

You have to remember that the idle mind is the devil’s workshop. And this is because when your mind is in a sedentary state, it wanders and goes through every defect in your life.

On the other hand, I assure you that you will feel a lot better if you make an effort to accomplish your tasks. You will feel more fulfilled and relevant.

Rhythmic Deep Work

What this means is that if you follow-through, and maintain your focus long enough, then it creates a chain reaction or momentum.

Gaining your momentum into whatever tasks is at hand is extremely important because it improves your productivity and enables you to finish more.

Improved Concentration

Meditation improves your ability to concentrate, which can help you get into deep focus and boost productivity.

Now, meditation may sound what spiritual gurus may only advise, but it is indeed powerful in regards to clearing your mind of negativity and reminding you of what matters most.

There are several forms of meditation. You can adapt the ever-popular Zen meditation where you will sit in silence and in a lotus position.

Or, you can have early morning walks and enjoy the nature around you.

Also, walking has the advantage of bringing more oxygen into the mind. As a result, it boosts your mental capacity to think more clearly.

But whatever form of meditation you adopt, it’s recommended that you do it in the morning since it is at this period that the mind is extremely receptive.

Practice Concentration

Commit to the tasks assigned to you, and work with great intensity.

Never allow distractions around you to disrupt your momentum.

  • No Facebook browsing

  • No email breaks

  • No daydreaming

  • No repeated trips to the coffee machine

Productive Meditation

The practice of mindful meditation involves bringing your thoughts back to the area of concentration whenever you become aware that your mind is wandering off.

You can definitely apply this to your work routine as well.

Bring yourself to become fully immersed in the tasks assigned to you. And whenever you catch your thoughts wandering off, bring your concentration back to your tasks.

Bimodal Philosophy of Deep Work

Take note that if we want to achieve the state of Deep Work and get more things done, then it wouldn’t come in just a matter of a few minutes or even hours.

It is one full day! Imagine that!

To address this, designate the whole weekday as work only, and dedicate yourself to solving problems.

But it’s also important that you take breaks, for example, holidays or trips, and allow your body and mind to recover. So when it’s time to work again, you’re feel rejuvenated and ready to take on your tasks once again.

End of Work Day

You may squeeze in a little more work after the end of your work for the day.

And the logic behind this is to account if any unexpected circumstances may happen the next day that could potentially affect your productivity.

Shut Down Routine

This process refers to a checklist before we end our work for the day.

Here is the checklist—

  • Take a final look at your email inbox and make sure that there’s nothing in there that requires urgent attention.

  • Write down any tasks that you have in mind in your tasks list.

  • Check your tasks list to make sure that you’re not missing any deadlines or appointments.

  • Make plans for the next day.

  • Say “Shutdown Complete” to indicate that your task is done for the day.

Plan out your day

I believe I’ve mentioned planning your task for the next day numerous times now.

So for this part, what I’m going to advise is that you may modify your plan whenever you see fit.

Remember that you may plan tentatively. Ultimately, your goal is not to follow them. Your task is to achieve your goals, and if you see that you may have to change your plans, then do so.

Final thoughts

I believe we’ve tackled sufficient grounds here.

I hope today’s blog has helped you in how you can get yourself into deep focus and boost your productivity in the process.

Thank you for the time! I hope to see you on the next topics!




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