How Do Weight-Based Shipping Rates Work On Shopify?

How Do Weight-Based Shipping Rates Work On Shopify?

Why do we add weight-based shipping rates? The reason why we add weight-based shipping rates is because of free plus shipping offers and we’re setting it up in the shipping area of your Shopify options.  

You might find products that you can give away like sunglasses, watches, and bikinis for free. You might find these items for $1 or $2 on AliExpress and it’s really attractive to tell the customers and advertise it like, “Hey, we’re giving away 100 watches or 100 free bikinis for the next hour” or “We will give free bikinis to the next 100 customers and all you need to do is pay for shipping.” 

It’s really attractive and customers are like, “Woah, I get free stuff and I just need to cover shipping.” So, for example, if you’re going to give away a free bikini, you can write the weight as 0.2 in the weight area of the products section on Shopify and if they purchase it, they will be charged a certain amount. In this case, let’s say that the charge for shipping is $9.98. 

What happens if they want more than one bikini? If they want 5 bikinis, the shipping rates would go up depending on the rates that you have set. In this case, let’s say that the charge for shipping for 5 bikinis is $49.90. Since it’s based on weight the price of shipping would increase depending on the number of items that are bought by the customer.

I would suggest that you only add 10 items to your weight-based shipping rates because you’re not going to get many of these orders. Most people would just take 1-3 of these items. There’s going to be the occasional 5 and very rarely would you get 10 of these items. If you want to put more, you can go ahead and add more but the ideal number would be 10.

So, that’s about it and I hope that it makes sense to you. That’s pretty much all you need to know in the shipping area of your Shopify options. 

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