Google Analytics 4: What's New About It?

Over time, Google has evolved itself from being just a search engine into something that’s greatly beneficial for both personal and professional endeavors. And with that, Google has continuously updated itself to live up with the expectations of its millions of users. So, it’s not a surprise that Google has a latest upgrade ensuring users that they always get the right information in their hands. 

Quite recently, Google announced their new version of analytics which they named as Google Analytics 4. Today, let’s talk about this and determine how beneficial this upgraded analytics is in your online marketing strategies. 

But first thing’s first, do you know the meaning of Google Analytics 4? How different is this from the other Google analytics? 

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is a default version of web traffic analysis and data collection software. It's a privacy-first, durable, x-channel measurement tool, designed to make both marketers and entrepreneurs lives way easier in ensuring that their marketing strategies and plans are working in the right direction and they are tapping the right target audience. 

Me and my team use Google analytics in our marketing efforts, so as a personal advice to you who are also using the online world for all your marketing plans, it is necessary that you adapt to this current version. 

Once you’ve already set up, you can begin collecting necessary and helpful information and enjoy all the latest features which are: 

  • Smart marketing insights using machine learning integration.

  • Deeper integration of Google ads into your campaigns. 

  • Customer-centric measurements which can lead to better understanding of customers’ perception and attitude towards your brand. 

  • And new data controls which endorse more privacy and security for marketers.

So you may ask how you can benefit from Google Analytics 4? Let me give you today the three most utmost benefits. 

Google Analytics 4 Benefits

At the end of the day, as entrepreneurs and marketers, what we aim for is to always have a good Return of Investments (ROI). We put up marketing budgets to get reasonable results and keep things in orderly manner. 

  • More Accurate Predictions and Insights

How can we say so? Simply because it’s AI-powered. 

When you apply advanced machine learning models, new analytics can be automatically sent to you for you to use on your marketing strategies. AI can also provide new analytics to alert you about the data trends automatically. Example: Google Analytics 4 tools can alert you of a growing demand for the products that you sell. 

On the other hand, you can also use the AI to help you determine the projected outcomes like churn rates and potential revenue that you may earn from a customer group. 

With insights, predictions, and data like these, you can run a more accurate analysis of your marketing campaigns and content that you provide to your customers. This will help you spend more wisely, create a marketing budgeting plan more wisely, and anticipate future marketing actions for your brand more wisely. 

  • More Knowledge on Your Customer Lifecycle

The main difference between the original and previous Google Analytics and this new Analytics 4 is how organized the reports of the latter. Analytics 4 offers you more customer-centric measurements rather than just measurements based on per platforms and devices. 

Analytics 4 is a combination of App and Web system originally released back in 2019. This is more focused on cross-channel data, meaning it could track users across websites, softwares, and apps. The traditional Analytics only support websites. 

Google Analytics 4 creates a great shift on how data are shown. It’s focused on how the audience engages with your brand or business across different channels and devices. With this, you’ll get a better understanding of who your customers are, what their lifecycle, and eventually you can devise a plan for their retention.

  • More New Data Controls

Analytics 4 provides marketers and entrepreneurs a new method for data controls. There will be more transparency and control over the data collected. This will also give more utilization of personalized ads.

Using Analytics 3, you have options to help you remain in compliance with data regulations like CCPA and GDPR and at the same time allows you to better manage the retention, collection, and usage of the analytics data. 

With more analytics data put in order, the more efficient your marketing strategies for your target audience. 

Google Analytics 4 Makes Everything Easier

The bottom line is, Google created Google Analytics 4 to have an easier method to collect and control data in a faster and more orderly manner. 

Google heard the call of many entrepreneurs who are using their services for business growth.  So, it’s a matter of trying, don’t you think? 

I personally recommend that you try Google Analytics 4. And of course, you can always seek help from me, by being your mentor, in how to boost up the performance of your ecommerce business. 

Last word of advice: Google Analytics 4 is best in boosting your SEO marketing campaigns!



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