Dropshipping Business Vs. Dropshipping—which One Is Better?

If you’re considering engaging in dropshipping, you may have initially thought of what products to sell.

You might be thinking of selling a product in a specific type of niche or a general dropshipping store—Brand Building and Dropshipping. At first, you might think that there’s no difference between the two.

Although they are essentially a dropshipping business operation, there are few important notes you have to bear in mind.

Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. And if you’re looking for answers on which one is better—Brand Building vs. Dropshipping, then you have come to the right place!

For today’s topic, I will list each of their benefits and help you decide in choosing which one suits your preference.

So without any further delays, let’s get right into it…

Brand Building vs. Dropshipping—which is better?


Dropshipping is an eCommerce business platform whereby you earn income by selling items from a third party supplier.

Yes, you don’t have to keep any inventories with you. And you only have to find suppliers that can help you fulfill your orders.

As you can see, the business is streamlined and pretty straightforward. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

And like many businesses out there, it possesses several pros and cons.


  • Starting the business is relatively simple

  • Not much capital is required to run the business

  • Overhead is lower

  • There’s a wide range of selection

  • Location is very flexible

  • Scaling is easy

  • Success may rely on product test


  • The profit margin is lower

  • The delivery period may take time (approximately 2 to 3 weeks)

  • Quality assurance, therefore the error is highly possible

  • Branding is limited

To continue with our topic about Brand Building and Dropshipping, let’s turn our attention to…

Brand Building

Brand building is still a dropshipping operation as far as I am concerned. And its only difference from a general dropshipping store is that it concentrates on selling a specific product niche.

Its apparent benefit is that you will only focus on one niche instead of promoting several items. For example, you may only sell beauty products, home improvements, or kitchen essentials. You get the gist, right?

But the disadvantage of brand building is that the progress is really slow, and it would take you quite some time before you see some results.

To give you more details on its pros and cons, refer to the list below.


  • It builds brand loyalty

  • Growth is more consistent

  • It solidifies your brands’ identity


  • Since it’s a product niche, one negative experience may affect your brand identity

  • As mentioned earlier, growth  is extremely slow

Final thoughts

I hope today’s topic has helped you settle the score and in determining which is better—Brand Building vs. Dropshipping.

Whichever one you’ll use may depend on preference. If you like to earn money faster, then you can opt for a general dropshipping store.

On the other hand, if you like steady and progressive growth and exercise your passion, then you can go for the brand building dropshipping.

And yes, I believe that is just about it!

Thank you for the time, and I do hope to see you on the next topics!



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