Dropshipping Ad Videos—can You Use Videos For Facebook Ads?

If you’re just starting with dropshipping, a common question that you may have is whether you can use videos you found online or streaming services providers like YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, or Vimeo.

Can you use YouTube videos for Facebook ads? Or should I need to make my own demo videos?

Or if I can use the videos, can I embed them directly, or should I need to make modifications or ask permission?

If this is your concern, then you have come to the right place!

In this short blog, we will attempt to help you answer these questions and relieve any worries that you have in regards to video use from streaming sites.

So without further delays, let’s find out…

Can you use YouTube videos for Facebook Ads?

Adding demo or promotional videos adds appeal to your Facebook advertisements.

It also allows potential buyers a chance to have a better look at the specifics of the products and how it generally works.

Unfortunately, such demo videos are a little bit tricky to use because of copyright concerns. Also, you can’t just search for stock images on platforms like Shutter Shock or Adobe.

If you’re like me, the first place I would go to is YouTube. The platform is a public streaming services provider, and you can find almost any videos that you can think of here.

So if you’re a business, can you use YouTube videos for Facebook Ads? Well, I believe so.

YouTube has a video embed feature where you can use them and share them on social media platforms for educational or commercial purposes only.

You can use the link and share them, but you can’t download them and claim them your own.

But this may be the case—you still have to be aware of the video is not copyright protected or whether the author allows sharing them publicly.

But most product demonstration videos on YouTube can be shared as far as I am concerned.

What if Facebook founds that you’re using the same video?

I also believe that you can’t use the same demo video content from another publisher because Facebook can detect them.

Once the platform found out that you’re using the same videos, then they will put down the video and may ban you for doing so.

So how do we know whether we’re the first person to use the video? We may never know the answer.

But it’s advisable that you just modify the video to be sure that you don’t get penalized by Facebook.

Final thoughts

I hope my content has provided you the answer to this important question— can you use YouTube videos for Facebook ads?

Using videos on your advertisements is a great way to engage your target audiences. But as I mentioned earlier, it may be a little tricky due to certain policies observed by Facebook.

Therefore, it’s best that you edit the videos before you associate them with your product offerings.

Well, I believe that’s just about it for today’s topic!

Thank you for the time!

Take care, always! And I hope to see you next on the following topics!



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