Don’t Watch Youtube Ads If You Make $12 Per Hour (is Youtube Premium Worth It?

Are you annoyed every time you are hit with an ad in the middle of a video you’re watching on YouTube?

And we’ve all been there, right? And we can’t really blame YouTube for this, don’t we?

Most of the platforms’ revenues are generated from video advertisements.

According to an article published in, YouTube was able to accumulate about $5 billion in just one quarter of the year 2020 from the ads alone!

So yeah, that is that!

In the past few years, the platform launched its first membership plan called YouTube Premium. And its purpose is to negate these ads from popping during the duration of the video.

So the question that everybody may have in their mind is that is YouTube Premium worth it?

Is it even worth paying a specific amount just for a no-ad video streaming?

If this is your concern, then this blog is just what you’re looking for!

In this content, I will help you decide if YouTube Premium is a good value for your money or is it best to keep the free membership.

So without further delays, let’s begin…

Time Spent on YouTube Ads in Perspective

If you think about it, the advertisements aren’t that long.

Some video ranges from 16 seconds to a low of 5 seconds. And in some instances, it happens a few times or so in one video.

Even so, the video clips aren’t that extensive. So some don’t mind them at all, and they could tolerate them instead of paying about $12 for the monthly subscription.

So what’s the big deal here? Well, let’s take a few analytics, for example, in this section.

Time Spent on the actual ads per YouTube video

As mentioned, YouTube ads are about 5 to 15 seconds long. The 5-second ads are typically skippable after 2 seconds in.

On the other hand, most 16 seconds are non-skippable, and you may have to wait until the full length of the ad is through.

Now, let’s add one second to both of the usual duration because of the buffers. So that’s about 6 seconds to 16 seconds.

In some instances, we are sometimes hit by multiple ads in one video selection.

So it means that on average, the ads run from a minimum of 12 (6 sec + 6 sec) seconds to 21 (15 sec + 6 sec) seconds or 15 seconds in-between.

Therefore, that would be 12 seconds to 21 seconds or an average of 15 seconds time spent on ads per video.

Is it still not that much? Well, let’s continue…

Total number of ads in a month

How many times you’re hit with ads may depend on the length of the video.

Like for example, you might get one ad for a five-minute video, while you might get two to three ads for a ten to a fifteen-minute video ad.

But on average, you’re hit with these ads every 5 to 10 minutes or so.

So let’s take, for instance, that if a person spends about 16.5 hours in a week just watching YouTube videos, then that would be around 66 hours in a month.

To get the total number of video ads you get monthly, you need to convert the 66 hours into minutes. And by doing so, you get a total of 566 video ads in a month (66 hours x 60 minutes / 7 minutes or the average frequency of ads).

So in a day, you get hit by ads about 19 times a day!

Total time spent on ads in a month

So the next question is how much time we’re exactly spending watching ads or clicking the skip button.

We can get a good idea of the exact duration by multiplying the number of ads we receive in a month by the average length per video ad.

So, in this case, it’s 566 x 7 seconds, which gives you 1 hour and 10 minutes a day!

Basing on these statics, you are essentially wasting about one hour a day.

So instead of enriching your lives with the YouTube video, you fancy, you’re watching senseless and repetitive advertisements!

In this scenario, is YouTube Premium Worth it?

Let’s further discuss this in the last and final section…

Is YouTube Premium Worth it?

The price of the membership plan varies depending from region-to-region. For example, the price of the premium account is about $12 in the US, £12 in the United Kingdom, and about $15 in Australia.

And you have to bear in mind that you will not only remove the ads as a result of availing of the membership package.

Aside from the benefit of no ads, the member will also enjoy several perks like YouTube Music and exclusive series, similar to Netflix.

For the price of $12, you’re not only eliminating those annoying ads from your videos but enjoying free music streaming and quality series as well!

Well, I guess that wraps it up!

Thank you for the time!



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