Dealing With Items That Are Potentially Dangerous, High Risk, And Illegal

During the product research phase, I know that some of you may have experienced doubts in regards to a specific product you want to sell.

If you’re a startup, a common question that you may have in mind is whether customs would approve it?

In this short blog, I will attempt to answer this important question and provide you with solutions in dealing with items that are potentially dangerous and high-risks.

At the end of the content, it should give you peace of mind as you conduct your daily business tasks and confidently make transactions with your customers.

So without further delays, let’s get right into…

Dealing with items that are potentially dangerous and high-risk

If you worry about your item not getting past customs, then you’re not alone. It’s a typical and natural question that every startup dropshipper may have.

This is especially true if you are dealing with items that are potentially dangerous and high-risk, like a sharp object or anything that could cause harm if mishandled.

Speaking of mishandled items that are deemed dangerous, another question that you may have is whether the customer will get back at you if the products have caused an injury.

One way to check whether the items have got through customs or flopped that have led to injury is to search for the items in AliExpress, for example.

And then, refer to the item reviews and check whether there any incidences similar to what you are worrying about. If there’s none, then you should be fine.

Other items that you may want to avoid in dropshipping

As a bonus, I will also provide you some of the products you may have to prevent so that your business won’t encounter any mishaps along the way.

Also, it’s to be noted that import laws may vary from country-to-country. But here are the things that you should avoid in general—


I believe that customs around the globe generally prohibits the import of any items that may be used as weapons.

The same is also true with Facebook Ads.

Large Products

Products as such include furniture and appliances. And the most apparent reason that you may want to avoid large products is because of extra shipping costs.

Also, they can be extra challenging to ship.

Counterfeit products

Imitation or products that are a rip off of a well-known brand aren’t allowed in Facebook Ads.

Fragile objects

The reason here is obvious. Even with proper care, accidents may still occur. I’m sure that you don’t want your customers to receive any broken items, right?

Other items that Facebook banned

  • Unregulated dietary supplements

  •  Adult products

  • Tobacco

  • Recreational drugs

  • Surveillance equipment

Final thoughts

I hope today’s short blog has provided you the information you need in regards to dealing with items that are potentially dangerous and could cause harm if they aren’t handled properly.

Again, let me emphasized that an effective way to know if there are issues with the product is to check their reviews.

By doing so, it should provide you the answers you are looking for.

So yeah, I believe we’ve covered sufficient ground here!

Thank you for the time!

And I hope to see you on the next topics!



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