Cultivating A Ceos Deep Focus In Improving The Quality Of Your Life

Do you want to know how far a deep focused mind can take you?

If you’re not entirely convinced of the positive difference it can make in your life, then just think of the founders and CEOs of the top companies today.

Each one of us has unique abilities to contribute and influence the world, but it would mostly go to waste because of a lack of motivation and focus.

The successes of this life didn’t reach the peak of success, not by mere chance. They have learned to harness the true power of their abilities through a focused mind.

With this being said—I will be discussing two of the most prominent personalities in our history and how it can help you attain a CEO’s deep focus as well.

So without any further delays, let get right into it…

A CEO’s Deep Focus

Bill Gates

Bill Gates needs no introduction. We all know who he is and his company Microsoft.

He is among the most well-known innovators of our generation alongside Steve Jobs. Also, his technology is in almost any computer gadgets you can think of.

He co-founded Microsoft, but what differentiated him from Paul Allen is his unwavering ability to maintain a CEO’s deep focus. While Allen may drift from passion-to-passion or idea-to-idea, Bill is a deep-focused man that he’ll concentrate on one endeavor and accomplish it before moving to others.

Also, to cultivate his creativity, he has a personal activity, which he calls “Think Weeks,” where he would isolate himself to introspect and brainstorm.

Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt is among the most beloved president in the United States. He is an inspiration and role model for many people around the world.

But what made him stand out even further is his amazing self-discipline. He wastes no time.

One example is that he fragments his studying in-between recitations, classes, athletic training, and lunch.

And whenever he has an opportunity to study, he would do so with blistering intensity.

CEO Tactics

Hire smart subordinates

A time-saving tip you can learn from CEOs is that they will hire several smart subordinates that can help them solve problems.

By doing so, it aids them to lessen the time spent on solving one problem and move on to other tasks they need to address.


As soon as you become an expert in deep focus, you can now start to try multi-tasking. However, you may want to avoid multi-tasking if you’re new to this idea or your attention wanes easily.

Top CEOs have an amazing ability to switch from task-to-task but are able to get themselves as fast as well.

Also, remember that it’s a skill that isn’t cultivated in a few days or so. It takes time or even years before you can become an expert in multi-tasking.

Final thoughts

I hope today’s blog has enlightened you about the importance of cultivating a CEO’s deep focus.

I’m sure that it isn’t going to be easy at first, but it should become easier as you move forward and practice it on a daily basis.

So I believe that’s just about it!

Thank you for the time!

I hope to see you on the next topics!



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