Boosting Your Digital Marketing Content The Pay-Per-Click Way

Marketing and even its sister and what deemed as subjugate, advertising have been so complex since their existence and birth into the business world--since the realization of how vital they are in boosting a brand and getting products to be known by people, especially by their designated target audiences. 

And now in the digital world, marketing has also evolved and thrived. We have digital marketing which is complex and sometimes confusing. It requires a lot of collaboration between these important aspects: websites, social media platforms, email campaigns, and online advertising.

Digital marketing drives a lot of benefits for the brand, for the owners, and marketers. But surely it requires a lot of effort, time, and not to mention budgets. Since it’s a vast field, most marketers find it hard what to directly focus onto. 

But as time goes by, integrating the aforementioned aspects/channels is possible now, giving companies an increase in their ROI for their digital marketing efforts. And that is through a marketing method called Pay-per-click or PPC. This can be done independently and can be used as an online advertising strategy too. And oh, lastly, it can be used in doing research and search marketing for strengthening the social media, email, SEO actions of brands. 

The Meaning of Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

First things first, PPC is a sophisticated marketing tool. But to simplify it, it’s just you as the business owner or marketer, are paying for a click. It’s when you place an ad on a search engine, like perhaps Google--which is the most known nowadays--based on the generated keywords in line with your brand, your services, and products, that you have on hand. 

The gravity of how much you pay depends entirely on your ad budget but to tell you, paying more can get your ad a better placement than paying less. 

So, if someone searches the keywords you’ve designated on the search engine, your ad shows up on the search results page, then that searcher clicks on your ad and you pay for that click. That’s how PPC goes. 

The higher you pay for your ad, the higher will the ad rank, thus getting more attention from the audience. 

Now how does PPC differ from Google ad words? Google ad words are simply the most common form of PPC. They don’t have a really big difference from each other but ad words are widely used since Google has dominated the search engine world. Ad words are for Google, while PPC is paying clicks in general regardless of what search engine you might choose. 

How Pay-Per-Click Boosts Your Marketing Plans? 

Now you know how PPC basically works, let’s know how it affects your marketing content and your marketing campaigns. How does PPC boost your brand name? How does PPC boost people’s retention about you? 

Really, how? 

  1. It can be used for A or B split testing in optimizing landing pages. Traffic can be driven by these two different landing pages and thus an effective way in testing their layouts, content, call-to-action copy, imagery, etc. Then, you’ll know who’s the winner between the two landing pages and what people really prefer. 

  2. You’ll find out what keywords are working for you and whatnot. For the working keywords, you can use this more on your ad copy. 

  3. Test your blog post headlines, offers, call-to-action copy, and captions. Then, all the lessons you’ll learn can enhance your social media marketing as well as your display ads. 

  4. Do more efficient audience testing, geotargeting, and localization. Where in the world do most people who respond better to your content reside? You can use this information to further your existing marketing practices or create new ones. 

  5. PPC can have your content up and running away to be in line with the current happening or trend in the digital world. Thus, having more brand presence and boosting traffic. 

Pay-Per-Click Can Be Used In...

PPC is really a powerful tool. It’s also more flexible than any other marketing tools available--you can turn your PPC on and off based on your command, and choose to increase or decrease your bid amount. 

And when you use this tool there are certain applications or you can say categories for this. 

  • SEO

SEO can take time to generate results. And it takes a long while to have a webpage with good quality content. Then you have to get links to it for it to be found and ranked by search engines. It’s tedious, I know. And then there’s still a fact that most audiences don’t click past the first page. So, for your SEO efforts not to be vain, you need PPC. 

  • Social Media Campaigns

As mentioned, you can use PPC to test your concepts, copy, and visuals of your social media ads or simply posts. Other than that, it can drive more traffic to your social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest. You can earn more subscriptions and follow. 

  • Display Ads

Display ads or sponsored ads are risky. Because you’re paying for them! With PPC, you can test the performance of your ads first before putting them all out. Is your ad copy okay? Do your offers attract a positive response? 

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

Yes, I know this is an inbox level. But let me tell you this can also help your email marketing campaigns! It can grow your email list by driving more traffic to your landing page. This is by having gated content on your landing page in which the searcher must use his or her email to get a discount or download a particular material.  

As a Conclusion, PPC Strengthens Your Brand

By boosting your marketing content, your brand presence is getting stronger not only in the circle of your target audience but in the general audience. It makes your marketing campaigns effective. It enables your brand to gain more popularity. 

It’s a powerful tool but it doesn’t mean that you’re content will be boring of course. Because at the end of the day there is no better way to attract a lot of people into your brand but to give them information and content which they like, prefer, and deem as important for them. 

If you wanna know more about PPC and how to run ads basically for your business, don’t hesitate to contact me. As always I’m your trusted friend who always wishes for your businesses to scale and get big! 

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