Best Steps To Start Using Google My Business

Adding your organization to Google — regardless of whether it's a restaurant open to the general population or a beauty parlor run out of your home — is a significant stage to reach consumers, make connections, and ultimately grow an effective business. 

It additionally gives your business an air of legitimacy and makes it accessible utilizing Google Maps. 

Here's the ideal guide to Google My Business and help you customize your business page. 


Set Up Another Google Account 

Assuming you need to utilize any Google service—be it Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, or Google My Business—you need to have a Google account… that’s a fact of life. Luckily, getting one is free and organizations simply need to go to Gmail and choose the "To manage a business" button. 

Assuming you need to make another Gmail address, then your username can just contain letters, numbers, and periods, or you can decide to sign in with a current personal or business email address. Utilize an email that you'll have quick access to, as you'll be asked to log in and get a security code. 

After being asked to give a telephone number, date of birth, and gender (and to consent to the ever-present terms and conditions), you can now begin to work on your business profile on Google and get noticed by your customers! 


Sign in to Google My Business 

Go to Google's My Business site and sign in to your business account. Ensure you sign in with your business email. 


Enter your business name 

On the off chance that you have a similar name as one more business in your locale, you'll see the autocomplete function propose those organizations for you. This is to permit you to check whether your business listings already exist (to stay away from unintentional duplication) and to easily add another Google My Business (GMB) profile to a current business on the off chance that you've recently opened another location. 


What Should You Do If Your Business is Already Claimed?


Select the "Request access" button and submit the form with details that are as specific as possible. You'll get a confirmation email of the request, and Google will contact the email that is currently used by the business. 

Unfortunately, you will need to wait and see for 7 days before you can talk with Google Business Support. 

If during this time you get confirmation that account ownership has been granted to you, then that’s fantastic news! 

Assuming you receive an email stating that you're not granted ownership, the ideal thing to do is to bring up the issue with the GMB Help Community and receive guidance from one of their volunteers. 

Enter Your Location 


Next, you'll have to pick whether you need your business' location to show up on Google Search and Maps. In case you're adding a restaurant or other business that is available to the general public, being on Google Maps is extremely helpful. But in case you're just adding an independent venture that is run out of your home, keeping that area private may be a smart idea. Pick between “Yes” or “No” and choose “Next”. 

If you decided to add your business location to Google Maps, the following screen will request that you enter your work address. On the off chance that you decided to keep your exact location hidden, the following screen will request that you enter your service area. Answer the important data and select “Next.” 


Fill In Your Contact Data 


Enter the telephone number and site related to your business that connects with customers and select "Next”. If you utilize a Facebook page as opposed to a website, you can add that instead. 


Complete and Manage Your Listing


On the following page, pick whether you need Google Business to send you updates and proposals for your business, and hit “Next”. You'll then be asked to confirm your business information. 

Complete your Google My Business Verification


Google should have the capability to confirm that your business is located where you say it is, and for totally new GMB profiles, you have three options to finalize your Google My Business verification: 


  1. Postcard check. This is the most utilized verification process and is accessible to all organizations. With this procedure, a verification postcard will be shipped to the location you entered earlier (you should receive the postcard within five days). Once you got the postcard, you can enter the code in your GMB account to verify the business address. If the code does not appear, you can choose the ‘Request another code' banner at the upper section of the screen in GMB. 


  1. Telephone check. A few organizations have the choice to confirm their listing via telephone. You'll know you're qualified on the off chance that you see the ‘Verify by phone' option at the start of the verification procedure. Utilizing this process, you'll get a computerized message with a verification code, that you'll then need to input in the GMB. 


  1. Email confirmation. Like phone number verification, this is only accessible to certain organizations, and you'll know that you fit the bill for it if you see the ‘Verify by email' option. This effortless process allows you to receive a verification code in the inbox of the Google Account related to your GMB listing and putting the said code at the verification stage. Be certain you have access to this inbox before continuing with this option. 

The two other options are instant verification, which is just available if you've already confirmed your business' site with Google Search Console, and bulk verification, for organizations overseeing at least ten locations.


Concluding Ideas:


Regardless of whether you're searching for foot traffic or web traffic, Google is a definitive search engine referrer. A Google My Business account guarantees that when somebody looks for your business on Google Search and Google Maps, they can find your business. When they do, your listing tells the searchers where and the best way to visit your shop, regardless of whether you have a web or physical location.

You may struggle with using Google My Business at the beginning, but you can take a closer look at our resources if you're looking for more information about this topic, and other related topics, to help your business succeed. 

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Honestly, I truly think that we've made adequate progress to get you started with your Google My Business mission! 

Thanks for the time, and I hope to see more of you on the next topics that we have coming up! 




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