Acceptance Of Loss: Learning To Accept All Possible Outcomes

In today’s self-help movement, we are taught to think positively and always reach for the sky.

Or believe that you will have it, and eventually, you will achieve or possess whatever is the desire of your heart.

But my question is, what if you don’t? What if you fail?

Now, this is a major flaw in the movement. Life is not all about winning and gaining; a time will come that you may have to take a loss despite giving everything all you’ve got.

We’re not trying to discourage you in any way, but failure is a fact of life that we must all face at some point in our life.

The acceptance of loss and seeing the glass half-empty is the way to live if you’re seeking a life of contentment and happiness.

In today’s blog, I will be talking about this form of thought and how it can help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Without further ado, let’s begin…

Acceptance of Loss

Positive thinking advocates fail to recognize the role of the subconscious mind in how our thought processes work.

You have to take note that the subconscious mind is where more complex thoughts lie.

Some of the forms of thinking you’ll find here include your limiting beliefs and negative and more realistic perceptions of life. Like most of us, this is why living a life of positive thinking is so hard to maintain.

It’s kind of ironic to me that motivational speakers tell us to be positive, but trained psychologist teaches a different lesson. What they recommend instead is to see the glass half-full—a 50-50 rule, if you will.

So what does this mean?

When you’re planning to undertake any endeavor or considering venturing into a new business partnership, you need to have a mindset of 50% pessimism and 50% optimism.

For example, have you ever felt angry when things didn’t go your way?

I know I have, and some of us can relate, right?

Do you know why you’re angry or upset?

Well, it’s because you’re expecting it to be what you imagined it to be. You’re thinking positive, and somewhat you’re certain that it will go as expected.

Without any expectations, it saves you time and emotional distress due to failed ventures.

It gives you the assurance that it’s okay! And that it’s all part of the business.

The most important thing is to have the courage to get back on your feet, never give up, and continue pressing forward.

This is an important thought to keep in mind as an entrepreneur—realizing that it’s all part of the process lessens the impact of the situation and gives you the ability to plan ahead.

Final thoughts

Changing your perspective into a more balanced approach is not going to be easy. And this is because our brain is hardwired to do what we’re used to doing.

By training your mind and becoming more aware of what you do, you can rewire your thought processes.

By doing this long enough, your actions and way of thinking become more automatic that hardships and difficulties don’t dissuade you that easily.

So I believe that’s just about it!

Thank you for the time! And I hope my content about the acceptance of loss have helped you have a more fulfilling and happier life as you move forward in your entrepreneurial journey!

I also hope to see you next time!



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