About US


Studying.com is a subsidiary business of E-COMMERCE CONSULTING PTY LTD our Founder and CEO Andy Mai is a young business multifaceted entrepreneur that made a name for himself in eCommerce, after earning $170,000 from his bedroom. He transitioned from a Business to Customer CEO position to a Business consulting Company and is now passionately shares his story and strategies to like-minded individuals wanting to make their own mark in the industry.


Since then, Andy has been building strategies and workarounds to make it big in e-commerce. That's where studying.com started. He created a blueprint that was 100% tested to be proven based on experience and continuously improved the process to help more clients it offers dropshipping educational programs in a whole unusual approach. We cater mentorship and programs that have to do with dropshipping, digital marketing and even building your own brand!


We always take pride in the way our program is built and how our mentorship system works with every student who joins us. Our goal is to help people fast track their success to e-commerce and dropshipping business from zero to six figures a month earning. 


As of now, our community is growing and each of our students has found success in our program.


Start NOW! Join our journey in Making 1000 Successful dropshipping stories!