6 Tips On How To Create A Perfect Google Video Ad For Your Business

Regardless if you’re a big business or not (small business), video marketing is one of the most important strategies that a business owner should consider. This has been great not only in boosting sales and improving brand recognition from your audience, but also being the top preference by most people when it comes to ads. For this, video marketing is undeniably powerful for every business. 

Audiences always want to watch an informative video about your brand, company, products, or services, rather than scanning through page-oriented text ads. As we speak, digital video advertising is regarded as the top marketing trend, inviting all small and big businesses to get involved by creating one. 

When we say, an informative online video ad, it has the potential to convert interest into sales that will eventually grow your brand recognition on the web. Whether the video ad is mounted on your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and even newsletter or broadcast emails, it always has the power to draw out attention from the audience. One-click and watch away! 

In today's world, it has been proven that the most successful site where a lot of people do their matters and work, which can generate a lot of leads for businesses especially medium and small-sized, is Google--so it pays for your video ads to pop up and rank on its search engine so that your target audience will easily discover them. 

How to Make a Perfect Video Google Video Ad?

Of course, the perfect video ad doesn’t sprout from anywhere. It has a formula, it has some necessary steps to take. So today, let me give you five essential tips to help you create an effective, efficient, and perfect video ad for your business. 

1. The First 3 to 5 Seconds Matter

The beginning of your ad is very important, if not critical. You need to get your audience’s attention during the first 3 to 6 seconds so that they won’t skip your ad or click away. 

So, begin your video ad with a striking statement that can greatly attract your target market’s attention. Put a lot of effort to hook them by addressing a common problem, asking a relevant question, or announcing a very important matter your brand is currently doing. Make your ad stand out within the first few seconds. 

You also probably know that video ads can be muted on some platforms like Facebook, so start your ad with great visuals that encourage viewers to view your video. 

2. What’s Your Brand’s Unique Selling Point?

Your Unique Selling Point or USP is what will make your brand great. You should highlight this for you to stand out from the market. Educate your viewers why your brand is unique. Show your success record. You can also include client testimonials and positive feedback. 

The more you highlight these, the more effective your video ad will be. 

3. Your Ad is Not a Documentary

Be mindful of the time length of your video ad. Avoid lengthy video ads, always remember that they’re not documentary. Video ads are always 30 seconds or less. This is the optimal length, thus when you create a script, you should always put that in mind. 

So, if you’re creating videos for brand positioning, longer videos are effective. Especially when you’re telling a story about your brand, featuring customer feedback, or a company representative discussing. 

Whatever it is, you need to erase or eliminate unnecessary content and get your message out to the audience as quickly as possible, to keep them engaged and as well as entertaining. 

4. Catch Your Audience

You can do this by telling our audience why: what the ad is all about. Why is your service their choice--why are they the right choice? It can be because of its great value, unlimited warranty, or amazing technology, you need to give the audience a reason to go with you. Emphasize this reason when planning and filming your video ad. 

5. Use Call to Action

The main goal of ads is to push people to take actions right after seeing them: like buying your product, signing up your form, or going to your website. So in your video ad, it should be no different. The Call to Action can be indicated in the script, said by the actor, or added through graphics and text. 

CTAs are typically ideal at the end of the video to show the audience what to do after watching: sign up for a discount, dial you up, or visit your store. 

6. Optimize with Google

This is done right after you’ve chosen a platform to mount your produced video ad. And in choosing a platform, you should upload it in the highest possible quality. It also pays to cross-post a video ad between different platforms, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram. 

When optimizing, you should set smartly your cost-per-view and take into serious consideration the budgeting of your video ads. 

A few things to remember in optimizing your video campaign on Google:

  • If you realize that your video ad’s view rate is lower than the other ads of your marketing or digital campaigns, adjust your video campaign for a higher view rate. 

  • If your actual cost-per-view is higher than your target cost-per-view and your goal is to reach a broader target audience, then adjust to a lower cost-per-view. 

  • Make the most of your cost-per-view. 

  • Use and make the most of your clickthrough rate. 

  • It’s better to always start with narrow audience targeting. 

  • From time to time, improve your bidding. 

  • Use video remarketing. 

  • Utilize advanced campaign settings. 

  • And most importantly, use different video creative actions to engage more of your target audience and attract more customers. 

In the End, Get Creative!

This is not included in the tips above, but it is of utmost vital to be always creative, inventive, and evolving with your video ads. The taste of the times constantly changes, so should you! 

What else do you need to consider when it comes to the creative process? Always remember that your video ad (or any ads, per se) should solve a problem or discuss a relevant matter. Always highlight that your brand’s services or products are the answer. 

Always make your script and the aesthetics of your video ads attractive and go with the flow of the time. Be unique while appearing appealing to your target market. 

The more creative and smart you get in creating your video ads, the more you will stand out against your competitors. Now, if you need more advice in doing your video ad campaigns, well, you have me as your mentor. You can also check my channel for videos discussing video ads: the qualities they should have to become effective and how to run them in the digital world. 

Advertising is vital in every business, it takes a lot of planning and creativity! 


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